Volume 1, Issue 2

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Perceived Service Quality and Purchase Intention: Mediation of Word of Mouth
Hashim Awais Butt, Anura Binti Azlan Shah, Husnain Iqbal
Abstract: A cross-sectional field survey was conducted to explore the mediation of word-of-mouth between service quality and purchase intention, using a sample of 350 consumers availing services from private and public service organizations in Pakistan. The results revealed a positive influence that service quality and word-of-mouth have on purchase intention. Word-of-mouth mediated between service quality and purchase intention relationship. This study has several research and managerial implications that add important insight to the power that service quality and word-of-mouth have on purchase intention.

Psychological Capital as a Moderator between Justice Types and Outcomes
Amir Iqbal Joya, Mahmoud Arif Edan
Abstract: This study was conducted to discover the outcomes of injustice in an organization such as (workplace deviance, turnover intention and job stress) and their relationship with justice types (distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional justice). Psychological capital was used as a moderator between justice types and outcomes. The results of this research study can help managers to organize the staff's turnover intention, job stress and workplace deviance so that the organization can perform its operations efficiently and effectively.

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