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The Mediating Role of Balanced Scorecard between Perceived Environmental Uncertainty and Firm Performance: (Iraqi Case)
Khalis Al-Naser, Rapiah Mohamed
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to empirically examine perceived environmental uncertainty (PEU) such as intensity of competition affect firm performance through usage of strategic cost management techniques such as balanced scorecard (BSC). In doing this the study employed a questionnaire survey through which 304 usable responses were analysed using PLS SEM. The findings reveal that PEU (e.g. intensity of competition) positively relates to performance. The result shows a positive relationship between PEU (e.g. intensity of competition) and BSC. The mediating role of BSC is confirmed among the PEU (e.g. intensity of competition) and firm performance. Theoretical and practical implications were drawn.

Analyzing the Impact of Islamic Based Retail Store Elements on Muslim Consumer’s Patronage Behavior
Nurdiyana Nazihah Zainal, Siti Fairuza Hassam, Ramli Saad
Abstract: This paper attempts to analyze the characteristics of Islamic images on retail stores and its relationship on Muslim consumer patronage behavior. The objectives of this paper are to determine whether trustworthy pricing, conforming atmosphere, trustworthy product and ethical promotion will influence Muslim consumers re-patronage behavior. This study also reviewed literature discussing about the subject matter conceptually from the past researcher’s works. Online and offline self-administered questionnaires were distributed to 300 respondents all over north part of Malaysia focusing on Muslim consumers. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive analysis to analyze the demographic profiles of the respondents, Cronbach’s Alpha to test the reliability of the data and regression analysis to predict the strength of association between dependent and independent variables. The result shows that trustworthy pricing, conforming atmosphere, trustworthy product has positive relationship towards re-patronage behavior of Muslim consumer. Meanwhile, ethical promotion has negative low relationship with patronage behavior of Muslim consumers.

A study on Intrapersonal Conflict: Determining the Age Differences in Public Sector Organization
Mohd Fazil Jamaludin, Marlina Muhammad, Mohd Firdaus Ruslan, Mohd Shafiz Saharan, Khairul Azfar Adzahar
Abstract: A research study on conflict is not a recent issue. There are lots of previous research have been done and discussed on the topic. Report on conflicts at the workplace have been published by many scholars that measure the conflicts among employees in different part of the world. However, in Malaysia, it is difficult to know about conflicts that occur at workplace especially on intrapersonal conflicts. Thus, this study aims to determine intrapersonal conflict among employee based on their age differences. Data from this study was collected using questionnaire from 250 respondents among public sector employees. They consisted of 60.4 percent female, 59.6 percent are between 21-30 years and 64.8 percent from respondents were undergraduate.

Factors Affecting Business Performance among Night Market Traders in Kedah, Malaysia
Siti Fairuza Hassam, Masilah Mohamad, Law Kuan Kheng
Abstract: Night market nowadays not only sell basic goods, even many traders currently producing and selling goods more appealing to buyer in terms of the uniqueness of each product sales. This is due to competitiveness in achieving the desired sales return. This study is to identify the factors that influence the business performance among night market traders in Merbok, Kedah. The factors analyzed based on the personality characteristics identified which are locus control, commitment, achievement, innovativeness and skills that stimulate to the business performance among night market traders. A total of 94 night market trades were chosen from two areas of night market in Merbok for the purpose of this study. As a result, commitment is found to have greatest impact to the business performance of night market traders. Therefore, being as a night market trader, they needs to show high level of commitment to their business operations and activities. Eventually it can contribute to the high level of performance for their business at night market. This shows, regardless of sales any products sold, in the absence of commitment to high enthusiasm in business, the success of business can be hard to reach. However, this study did not rule out other factors that directly and indirectly lead to business success. For future studies, it is proposed to expand traders to sample other areas for more in-depth look at the significant factor towards the success factors for night market in Malaysia.

Brand Values of Biomedical Calibration Laboratory (BMCL), an Accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Calibration Laboratory
Khairiani Othman, Siti Maryam Mohd Arifin, Rahida Ramli
Abstract: The growing needs of the healthcare industry means the amount of equipment involved is significantly increased along with demands for biomedical equipment calibration services. Accredited testing and calibration laboratories in Malaysia need to comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements and national unified laboratory accreditation scheme, known as Skim Akreditasi Makmal Malaysia (SAMM), award by Department of Standard Malaysia. Biomedical Calibration Laboratory (BMCL) of Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah is the first biomedical calibration laboratory accredited with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in Malaysia. This article discusses the most important functional brand value of BMCL from the perspective of academicians, customers and industry experts in medical field in Malaysia. Data collected through focus group semi-structured discussion. Finding reveal that capacity is the most important brand value followed by reliability, quality, after sales service and capabilities.

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